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Creative director, designer

Inspiration and motivation

The main source of my inspiration is nature, architecture and history.

A woman that is elegant and fragile but at the same time strong and attractive is the driving force for the most of my creations.


All my dresses are handmade. Here you can find any style of dress. If you are looking for exclusiveness and fashion or maybe something simple but still unique or maybe you need a special dress that would make you feel like a real princess?
Everything that you need is here. From little black dresses to long amazing evening gown or even wedding dress.

Here you can always find a dress that would perfectly fit on you. And even if you don`t know what kind of dress you`re looking for…

which style of dress is the best for you…Don`t worry I am always ready to help you! With big pleasure and Love.


My credo is ‘Fashion is my passion’ and I really love what I do and I think people should do what they love. I put all my heart in my creations – dresses which are for you my dear ladies. Because each of you is special and my mission is to create a special dress for you!

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